Decoration secondary colors – paint colors wall colors

Infinity Pro painters house newton
The colors of secondary paints orange and green have been harmonized in this external area.
Tertiary Colors
They are the colors of paints obtained from the mixture between two secondary colors, the
variations of tones. They can be harmonized with each other, in a monochromatic way (with
the same color, but different shades) or combined using triads. They are beautiful paint colors.
Tertiary paint colors
-The tertiary tones are found in the paint colors of the Lore Arquitetura project.
Analog Colors
These are the colors next to a color in the chromatic circle, for example: The analogous colors
of yellow are red and orange; colors analogous to pink are red and purple, etc. This
harmonization results in smoother combinations with the colors of paints and furniture as
well. Armchairs, coffee tables and rugs, for example, look beautiful when made in similar
Decoration colors analogous house colors paint colors
The colors of analogous paints pink and purple were the bet of Carlos Zaranzza in his project.
gourmet balcony wall colors
The colors of analogous paints yellow, orange and green are found on Adriana Fontana’s