Delicious desserts in Italian restaurants

This is one of the typical Italian foods that is not well known. It is a sweet made at Christmas,
mainly in Naples. It is fried and covered with honey and colorful confetti.
Its origin is somewhat unknown, with some reports claiming to be from Greece and others
saying it is actually Italian.
To eat this sweet, look at Italian bakeries and restaurants at Christmas time.
Super well-known and traditional Italian dessert based on chocolate, coffee, biscuit and
mascarpone cream. This dish is delicious and its name derives from the Italian word “tirami
sù”, which means “pull me up”. Its origin is complicated, and there is even a dispute between
Veneto, Friulli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany for the maternity of the sweet. It was created at the
end of the 16th century in honor of Cosme III de Médicis (Duke of Tuscany at the time), by
pastry chefs in Siena, to celebrate their arrival. However, the bad tongues say that it is because
the sweet is an aphrodisiac.
If it’s true, I don’t know, but it’s my favorite Italian dessert. It is a delicious sweet, made with
mascarpone cheese, chocolate and coffee. It can be found in almost all Italian restaurants. Roswell ga italian restaurants