Direct Start of Electric Motors

Regarding the starting system, the action in which the electric motors receive at their terminals, a high voltage at the exact moment when the match occurs. In this way, the cage rotor 108018.00 machines start at full load and with the chain rising approximately four to eight times the rated current, varying according to the type and number of poles. It is considered as the simplified starting method, in which specific components are not used for the motor drive. Only contactors, circuit breakers or switch switches are used which allow the motor to be supplied with full voltage at the moment of starting.

In the case of electric motors, they have the ability to start directly from the grid only if they are favorable to the conditions of the rated capacity of the grid being high enough, making the motor starting current irrelevant and the motor starting current being because its power is very low. The starting of the motor is carried out without load, a factor that reduces the time of the starting current, emphasizing the effects on the power system.