Empório Ravioli Italian Restaurant

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Emporium Ravioli

The masses are the flagship of the place, which unites predicates of the canteens – relaxed
atmosphere, rustic decor and menu full of familiar flavors – with more sophisticated dishes.
The owner, Roberto Ravioli, cultivates traditional recipes, such as ossobuco with polenta and
trippa alla toscana (tripe with sirloin, sausage and white beans). Among the most sophisticated
recipes with pasta, try the raviolone d’oro: two large ravioli, under soft tartufo cream, stuffed
with ricotta, spinach and a whole yolk, which is spread over the plate at the first fork. R.
Fidêncio Ramos, 18, Vila Olímpia, tel. 3846-2908, emporioravioli.com.br. Since 1998. Mon. to
Thu. 12h / 15h and 19h / 23h; Fri. 12h / 15h and 19h / 0h; Sat. 12h / 0h; Sun. 12h / 23h. Credit:
A / D / M / V. Debit: M / R / V. Couvert: R $ 9.95. Starters: R $ 8.50 to R $ 25. Main dishes: R $
30 to R $ 85. Desserts: R $ 7.50 to R $ 20. Valet: R $ 18.