Engine Maintenance

We can divide the maintenance process into five types:

– Predictive maintenance: it is the action performed based on change of parameter, condition or performance, https://www.mrosupply.com/v-belts/cogged-v-belts/bx-section/181175_bx112_gates-rubber/ and has its accompaniment corresponding to a systematic, made by measurements and constant monitoring with the equipment in operation, so its level of wear is verified;

– detective maintenance: focuses on the search for faults that are not perceptible to the equipment operators or maintenance personnel;

– maintenance engineering: it is the use of new techniques to look for the basic causes of the problem, aiming at the reduction in incidence and even the total elimination of the problem;

– Corrective maintenance: is the maintenance performed for the purpose of repairing the equipment after a stop or after a drop in its performance. Even when maintenance decides to let the equipment run until it breaks, this will be a planned decision, so maintenance can be prepared. The company may choose to purchase parts for replacement;

– preventive maintenance: it is in conducting periodic inquiries in the equipment, to identify aspects that may indicate a future break. These checks may be made based on the general state of the equipment or data provided by the manufacturer.