Italian food is simple

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Perhaps what makes Italian food so attractive around the world, both for those who eat it and
for those who prepare it, is the focus on quality regional ingredients of the season
– and ease of income.
Sometimes you will hear that every great Italian dish has only three ingredients, and
although this is often not true, in most family restaurants in the country you will not find
complicated dishes. Instead of intricate combinations of ingredients or complicated
processes, Italians choose to use the best fresh ingredients they can find – that is, what is
available in season and available locally – and do not spoil everything by adding many
This means that no matter what kind of restaurant you eat, unless it is a restaurant created
only for tourists, you will probably eat well.
As already mentioned, Italian food is very regional. There are special dishes that are unique to
the city or a small group of nearby towns that you will not find anywhere else. And since each
of the regions of Italy has specialties that can only be found there, it is not possible to really
list all things in each region here.