Matte: it is less resistant to cleaning, but it hides imperfections in the wall.

Acrylic paint has three types of finish:

Satin: has a discreet shine and is resistant to cleaning.
Semi-gloss: Despite its name, it is very bright and requires that the wall is flawless, as it
highlights imperfections.
Washable Ink
Washable paint is a type of acrylic paint that is also water-soluble.
It is easy to apply, has little odor and repels liquids (so it does not stain easily).
As the name says, it can be washed, which makes the use in the kitchen and environments
with children very interesting.
Due to its high resistance, this is one of the types of paint that are indicated for environments
with heavy traffic of people.
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Regarding the finish, it is slightly matte.
Epoxy Paint
When it comes to resistant types of paint, Epoxy is one of the most chosen options.
With great durability, it resists chemicals, weather and moisture. Given this context, it can be
used in environments such as bathroom, shower, kitchen and even swimming pool.
It is common to use epoxy paint for floor painting, especially tiles, but be careful!
When this type of paint is used on the tile, especially in the bathroom stall, its resistance
decreases. This is because the surface of the coating is very smooth and not very porous.