Motor Excitation

The armature and field are connected in series when the armature current also flows through the field. This electric motor has a large initial torque and is used where large initial torque is required such as electric traction, cranes, cranes, winches, etc. Care must be taken not to let the load drop excessively, because with the small flow, there is danger of the machine hbl7467 hubbell firing with catastrophic consequences for the bearings and the armature. The speed in the series motor is closely connected to the current under load.

Mixed engines are used where moderate initial torque is required. For example: cranes. The series-driven motor has excellent starting torque but a poor speed setting compared to the parallel-driven motor, as any lifting will result in increased chain and consequent slowing down. This is because of its windings which are in series, because when the current increases, the behavior of the field affects the windings. In parallel the field and the armature are connected in parallel; the feed current is divided by passing part by the field and the remainder by the induced. They are used where the initial torque is small and the velocity practically constant, as in the fans, centrifugal pumps, etc.