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Coral reveals its color of the year for 2021
The courage theme guided the brand researchers to choose the main tone and four palettes
that derive from it as a trend
Anyone who follows the universe of colors knows that at that time, the main paint brands in
the world reveal their studies of trends and bets for the shades that will be successful in the
following year. And today is the day that Coral, from the Akzo Nobel group, made its
announcement. The color of the year for the brand is Pedra Esculpida, an earthy, stimulating
yet balanced tone.
“It connects us back to nature and simple things. With a warm and natural neutral tone, it
allows other shades to shine and provides a solid foundation for life. It is a strong, earthy color
that evokes stability, growth and potential, helping to create an environment and giving the
necessary courage to embrace the changes that lie ahead, ”says Fernanda Figueiredo, manager
of Communication and Color Design of Paints AkzoNobel Decorative Products in South
But, to get the color of the year, Coral invests in an international study that investigates many
behaviors. This is ColourFutures, which maps the main global trends and turns them into
inspiring paint color palettes.